Take a look inside Camila Cabello’s (dollar)3.9 million Hollywood Hills home.


Camila Cabello’s Newly Listed (dollar)3.9M Hollywood Hills Home: A Look Inside

Camilla Cabello has a new look and is looking for a new home following her breakup with Shawn Mendes.

After two years together and a lot of PDA, the two recently announced their breakup. The “Havana” singer and former Fifth Harmony member is said to be shocked by the news.

Despite their initial statement implying that the breakup was mutual, sources claim that Mendes was the one who called it quits.

According to Mendes, the relationship had become stale.

The Cinderella star is “very upset over the split,” according to E! News, but she “agreed” that going their separate ways was for the best.

“It was really tough for a few days,” the source says, “but she’s been spending a lot of time with friends and keeping busy.”

“She has a large support network and is now feeling revitalized.”

Despite the breakup, the source claims that Cabello and Mendes are “still in communication and want to be friends,” and that it “wasn’t a bad breakup at all.”

“The relationship was becoming stale and complacent, so they decided it was better to be friends,” they explain.

Cabello is now looking ahead, and she has listed the beautiful mansion she once shared with Mendes for (dollar)3.9 million.

The house, which is just over 3,500 square feet, is located in the Hollywood Hills and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The house is decorated in a Mediterranean design.

Outside the walkway, there is also room for a garden.

Restaurants with this type of dining room are unnecessary.

The chandelier is to die for, and the dining room is large enough for family dinners.

The living room is extremely comfortable.

For those chilly nights, there’s a fireplace.

An open floor plan with a large island characterizes the kitchen.

With white cabinets and dark brown accents, it is both modern and classic.

If a fellow musician or rapper buys the house, they won’t have to leave to record a new album.

There is a full recording studio with professional equipment as well as a vocal booth in the house.

A place to swim in the California sun would be a must-have for any Hollywood home.

A wall encloses the back yard, which is equipped with a saltwater pool, allowing for indooroutdoor living.

Peek Inside Camila Cabello’s Newly Listed $3.9M Hollywood Hills Home

Peek Inside Camila Cabello’s Newly Listed $3.9M Hollywood Hills Home

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