Taylor Swift Fan Told John Mayer to ‘Choke on Something,’ So He Did.


Taylor Swift Fan Tells John Mayer to ‘Choke on Something’

This week, John Mayer appeared to respond to a message on Instagram from an anonymous Taylor Swift fan.

Swift dated the singer for a brief period in 2009, and after Swift released an extended version of her song “All Too Well” last week, the vitriol directed at her ex-boyfriends has reached new heights.

Even the anonymous message sender did not anticipate a response from Mayer.

Swift’s song “All Too Well” is almost certainly about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, but with the wound reopened, none of Swift’s ex-boyfriends were safe this week.

One anonymous user appeared to send a generic message of dislike to Mayer in screenshots widely shared on social media.

The account has since been deleted, and the authenticity of the messages has yet to be verified, but some fans believe it is Mayer responding.

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The first DM begins with, “F— yourself, you ugly b— I hope you choke on something.”

“Hi Alondra, it’s John,” Mayer responded, according to the screenshots.

I’ve been getting so many messages like these in the last few days that I decided to reply to one of them at random.

If you want, you can take a screen shot and share it in any way you want.

I’m not upset; I just have an inquisitive mind and feel compelled to inquire.

“Do you truly wish for my death?”

The anonymous user then responded, “OMG WHAT, I don’t want you to DIE.”

The messages were not released in their entirety, but they did send Mayer a 30-second audio clip, which was followed by an apology at some point.

“It’s okay,” Mayer wrote.

I wanted to comprehend.

So it’s just something people do for fun without considering that I might see it and be affected by it?”

“I guess no one expected you to see it or respond because you’re famous and don’t interact with random people,” the user replied.

“Please accept my heartfelt apologies once again!!”

In a later message, Mayer said, “There was some healing here today!”

“Everything is fine.”

“May you live a happy and healthy life!”

The account that sent these messages to Mayer has since been removed from Instagram and Twitter, but a screenshot of a follow-up tweet shows that the user is only 15 years old and that they intended to delete their message before it was seen by anyone.

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John Mayer Responds to Taylor Swift Fan Who Told Him to ‘Choke on Something’


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John Mayer Responds to Taylor Swift Fan Who Told Him to ‘Choke on Something’


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