Teresa Giudice’s hairstyle has been slammed as ‘weird’ in new photos, just days after fans chastised her for her ‘tacky’ outfit.


Teresa Giudice’s hairstyle has been slammed as ‘weird’ in new photos, just days after fans slammed her ‘tacky’ ensemble.

Teresa Giudice of the REAL Housewives of New Jersey was chastised for her “weird” hairstyle in a recent photo, just days after she was attacked for wearing a “tacky” outfit.

The 49-year-old shared photos of herself with a topknot on her head from a friend’s birthday party.

Fans didn’t like the style because it was different from her usual look.

“Not a fan of this hair,” one commenter said, adding, “weird.”

“I don’t like that hair,” said another.

Teresa’s fans tried to drown out the haters with compliments.

“I love your hair in that bun!! It looks so pretty!” a fan exclaimed to Teresa.

“Loving the updo!” another fan exclaimed, while a third added that the updo “makes you look younger.”

She was recently chastised for wearing a “tacky” and “inappropriate” outfit for her age, according to fans.

Teresa wore a black and white two-piece ensemble with gold buttons down the center as she stepped out with fiancé Luis Ruelas.

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While many people have praised Teresa’s relationship with Luis, others have criticized her fashion choices.

“That outfit?! Is it a joke?” one Instagram user exclaimed, while another exclaimed, “So tacky!”

“What a horrible outfit!” said a third commenter, while another added, “She can’t be serious with that outfit? did she raid Gia’s closet?”

The RHONJ star admitted to going under the knife after her daughter Gia, 20, did not long before she debuted the daring look on Instagram.

Teresa told attendees at the New Jersey Ultimate Women’s Expo earlier this month, “I don’t know if anyone knows, but I did get the tip of my nose done, and I was so nervous about getting it.”

So I guess I got a nose job — or at least the tip of one — and I went to Dr.

Englewood, New Jersey’s Tobias.

He was incredible…”

“I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while, and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!” Gia said at the time.

Teresa’s fans believe she has undergone more procedures than she is revealing.

She recently promoted martini glasses in a photo she shared on Instagram Stories.

Teresa’s nose had changed in the photo.

Her lips were fuller and her teeth were whiter than usual.

Teresa’s fans have chastised her for more than just her appearance.

She’s also received backlash as a result of her relationship with…

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Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice was slammed once again, this time over her hairSome followers weren't a fan of her recent updo, and they let her know in the commentsThe critiques came after she was slammed for a 'tacky' outfitTeresa recently revealed that she had a nose job after daughter Gia

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