Terrified Netflix fans ‘scared to close their eyes’ after watching alien horror movie Dark Skies


NETFLIX viewers are struggling to sleep at night after diving into horror film Dark Skies.

The streaming service is constantly updating its roster of films and series and the addition of Dark Skies has made waves among fans of the genre.

The film was originally released in 2013 but has found a new audience since hitting Netflix last month.

It follows the Barrett family, who believe they are being observed and terrorised by aliens, but struggle to convince their friends and neighbours as much.

Sensors and security cameras in their home confirm a series of shadowy figures looming over their children while they sleep.

Ultimately their efforts to safeguard all of their children prove unsuccessful and naturally the terrifying scenes sent shivers down viewers’ spines.

They took to Twitter with their thoughts, with many claiming they’d been left terrified in their homes.

“Legitimately scared to close my eyes after watching Dark Skies in case I open them and there’s an alien at the end of my bed,” one user wrote.

“RIP sleep, hello insomnia,” a second wrote alonside a skull emoji, tagging the film.”

A third wrote: “Guess my babies are in my room until I’m sure they’re not gonna get snatched in the night lol.”

While a fourth chimed in: “Dark Skies has messed me up, this is NOT a film to watch in lockdown folks.”

Alas, for all the thrills the film received poor critical reviews and a viewer rating of just 49% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dark Skies isn’t the only horror film making waves on social media.

The Platform previously disgusted audience with its visceral portrayal on cannibalism.


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