The best and worst episodes of Season 2 of ‘Manifest,’ according to IMDb.


These are the best and worst episodes of Season 2 of ‘Manifest,’ according to IMDb.

As the passengers of Flight 8282 dug deeper into the mystery of the missing plane, the action, suspense, and drama of Manifest Season 2 increased.

Many fans had become completely enamored with the show by this point, especially after it was moved to Netflix, making it extremely bingeable.

However, some episodes of Manifest Season 2 received significantly higher ratings and reviews than others.

According to IMDb, these are the best and worst episodes of the season.

With an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10, Manifest Season 2 Episode 7, “Emergency Exit,” stood out as the best episode of the season — and the third-best of the entire series.

This episode seemed to have the most thrills and suspense, as well as the most emotion, of the season.

Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) confront Adrian (Jared Grimes) about Olive’s (Luna Blaise) involvement with the Church of Believers in episode 7.

Adrian texts him, inviting him to meet him for a drink at the local bar.

Olive and TJ (Garrett Wareing) decide to go to the club for a stress-free night as well.

Regrettably, the evening proves to be quite the opposite.

Ben and Michaela quickly notice that the club is packed with passengers from Flight 828.

Then, with the doors locked and no cell service, a fire breaks out, confirming their suspicions: church member Isaiah (Olli Haaskivi) has set a trap.

He enticed the passengers there in order to demonstrate that they are all miracles who will live to see another day.

Isaiah kidnaps Olive while trying to flee the building.

When Isaiah looks away, TJ tackles him, but the building catches fire, killing TJ. The Stone family flees just before the building explodes.

While some fans thought the episode was a little too far-fetched, others praised the mystery’s progression.

“It has a lot more action in it.”

One reviewer stated, “You finally know what’s going on.”

“Carry On,” the second episode of Manifest Season 2, didn’t quite live up to the hype.

The IMDb rating for this episode was 7.5.

Olive mourns TJ following the club tragedy, while Ben tries to console his daughter.

Ben and Olive are called to a meditation center not far from the club, where Olive tries to connect with TJ. However, Ben hears a strange chanting, which leads him and Olive underground.

They come across TJ, who is badly injured, in a tunnel…

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