The First Live Gameplay Footage from WWE 2K22 is featured in a new trailer.


The First Live Gameplay Footage from WWE 2K22 is shown in a new trailer.

2K and Visual Concepts had previously stated that we wouldn’t see any major feature announcements or new looks at gameplay for WWE 2K22 until January 2022, but thankfully they had a little surprise in store for fans ahead of the holidays.

Today, the studio revealed a slew of new details about the franchise’s upcoming next installment, as well as a new trailer highlighting some of the game’s new features. We also got our first look at actual gameplay for 2K22.

So far, the game appears to be quite impressive, and you can see some new gameplay in the trailer above.

Early in the trailer, Jeff Hardy faces off against Kofi Kingston in the new gameplay.

Kingston can be seen here hitting Hardy with a forearm and then kicking his legs before grabbing Hardy’s head and neck and launching into a hard slam to the mat.

Following that, we see more gameplay in a match between WWE Champion Big E and The Street Profits’ Montez Ford (complete with stamina bars at the bottom).

We see Ford take a swing at Big E, but Big E manages to elude him.

Following that, we see a few entrances, including Edge and Bayley, followed by more gameplay thanks to a match between Bobby Lashley and Chad Gable.

Below the stamina, we see some of the other filled-in bars, as well as a brief pop-up of the new Pin icon, indicating that the pin action is now assigned to the Right Stick.

We don’t see Lashley pin Gable after he picks him up and hits a monster slam.

While the gameplay sequences are brief, they provide an indication of what to expect in terms of presentation and in-ring graphics.

In January, we’ll get a much better and more in-depth look at the game, which should include more ring time and in-depth looks at the game’s grappling and pin systems.

WWE 2K22 is set to hit next-gen consoles and a variety of other platforms in March of 2022.

Let us know what you thought of the new trailer and gameplay in the comments, or you can always reach out to me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB to discuss all things wrestling and gaming!

New WWE 2K22 Trailer Features First Live Gameplay Footage

New WWE 2K22 Trailer Features First Live Gameplay Footage

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