The ‘Foundation’ episode of Apple TV(plus) is a shaky start to a millennium-long story (review)


‘Foundation’ on Apple TV(plus) is a shaky start to a millennium-long story (review)

The Season 1 finale of The Foundation aired on Friday, leaving fans with more questions than ever about the direction of this sci-fi epic.

The Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov are the inspiration for the series, though we now know that it is based on them more loosely than we previously thought.

There are spoilers ahead for both the show and the books.

Foundation was not afraid to deviate from its source material, and in many ways, this seemed like the best course of action.

Asimov’s books were like a blueprint for a brilliant idea – or several brilliant ideas – none of which were fully realized.

The TV adaptation seemed to crystallize many of these ideas while adding more pathos and worldbuilding than ever before in its first few episodes, but a deluge of new mysteries near the end of the season may have left the show as befuddling as its predecessor.

Asimov’s first Foundation book was essentially a series of vignettes about a secret society dedicated to preventing the loss of technology and culture during the fall of a great galactic empire, jumping ahead decades at a time to show how this work progressed over centuries.

Season 1 of the show only covers the first of these time jumps, as creators David Goyer and Josh Friedman wanted to stretch out the material and make it more palatable to mainstream audiences.

In these time periods, the series does not overstay its welcome, and it’s fascinating to see how the television writers expand on Asimov’s descriptions.

They do not, however, share the author’s sense of logical inconsistency when it comes to technology and economics.

Hari Seldon (Jared Harris), the Foundation’s founder, arranges his own murder and then escapes into at least two computerized versions of his own consciousness.

The other characters don’t seem to understand or recognize this technology for the entirety of the first season, implying that Seldon must have created it on his own.

Seldon’s immortalization as a computer is never explained, as is why no one else has done so.

It’s unclear what’s stopping this AI Seldon from communicating with his Foundation and carrying out his own plans.

Seldon appeared to the Foundation on a regular basis in the books…

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Apple TV+’s ‘Foundation’ is a Shaky Start for a Millenium-Long Story (Review)

Apple TV+’s ‘Foundation’ is a Shaky Start for a Millenium-Long Story (Review)

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