The global box office for Marvel’s Eternals reaches (dollar)300 million.


The global box office for Marvel’s Eternals reaches (dollar)300 million.

The global box office for Marvel’s Eternals has surpassed $300 million.

The film continues to sell tickets around the world, and the industry as a whole has made a strong comeback in recent months.

Both Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as Venom, assisted in the opening of the door.

No Time To Die is still crushing it on all fronts.

F9 and Godzilla vs Kong, both released earlier this year, helped to re-energize moviegoers.

Dune demonstrated that big-budget films aren’t the only ones who can hold their own at the box office.

However, going into this year, Eternals was regarded as a risky bet for the MCU.

Concerns shifted once more when the first reviews for the latest Marvel Studios film weren’t nearly as positive.

The response from audiences has been much better, as evidenced by these latest box office figures.

It’ll be interesting to see if it can capture Shang-Chi or Venom before the end of the year.

Victoria Alonso, a Marvel executive, recently spoke with Variety about the mixed reviews for their latest film.

The true determinants of what success looks like for this film, in her opinion, are the fans.

“We’ve tried to stir things up, but the critics aren’t always on our side.”

“It’s all right, it’s all right,” Alonso said.

“We appreciate you being a critic.”

We appreciate your taking the time to write about us.

And it will be decided by the fans… For us, diversity and inclusion are not a political game.

It is 100 percent a responsibility because the Walt Disney Company would not have achieved the global success that it has without the help of people from all walks of life all over the world.”

Chloe Zhao was previously interviewed by THR about her use of practical effects on Eternals.

That aesthetic had a big impact on her approach.

Many viewers were taken aback by the natural beauty depicted in the film.

“When I pitched the movie, we spent half the time talking about what we wanted to do and the other half talking about how we wanted to do it.

To me, that’s critical.

Zhao said of her decision-making process, “Sometimes we get excited about the what but don’t talk about how.”

“We knew this film had to be immersive, and we knew everything had to be believable, from the action to the Eternals in historical periods.”

As a result,

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Marvel’s Eternals Crosses $300 Million at the Global Box Office

Marvel’s Eternals Crosses $300 Million at the Global Box Office

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