The Great’s Fashion in Season 2’s Storytelling


Season 2’s Storytelling and How The Great’s Fashion Plays a Crucial Role

In Catherine and Peter’s ever-changing court, The Great’s team of costume designers and hair-and-makeup artists play a key role.

It’s the finer points that make all the difference.

Power is shifting hands in the second season of Hulu’s The Great, as a very pregnant Catherine, played by Elle Fanning, establishes her reign over Russia.

As a result of their alliance with Catherine, people are rising and falling in rank, with Sacha Dhawan’s Orlo and Phoebe Fox’s Marial gaining more prominence.

In the process, their drab first-season garb has been discarded and replaced with garb more befitting of a noble.

Though clothing may appear insignificant to the average viewer, costume designer SharonLong’s work had a significant impact on Dhawan and Fox’s ability to portray these characters.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Dhawan praised, “She’s really brilliant at making the costumes look spectacular for both men and women.”

“However, they also have a very contemporary feel to them.”

Long, according to Dhawan, nailed Orlo’s corduroy ensembles, which helped him feel “a little more confident in himself.”

He went on to say, “She’s really good at not necessarily respecting the etiquette of how he’s supposed to wear this.”

“She really embraces loosening your buttons or putting your hands in your pockets if you want to wear your tie in a certain way.”

“It’s just right for the show’s timing.”

Fox was simply relieved to see her character Marial dressed in something other than a peasant’s garb.

“It was incredible,” she said.

“It was ecstatic.”

“The first costume I wear has a massive hot-pink sash with a bow on it—[Sharon] didn’t hold back at all,” Phoebe said, noting that she had to pay the price for the glam wardrobe upgrade.

“The reality, as always, is that the shoes hurt.

“They pinched them, and they were too small,” Fox said.

“And you wear these beautiful dresses, but the reality of wearing them for 12 hours a day is just brutal, because, like a corset—you know, these were oppressive tools, and you really feel that wearing it.”

This became clear to hair-and-makeup artist Louise Coles during her own research, prompting her to show the toll that previous beauty regimens had taken…

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Season 2’s Storytelling and How The Great’s Fashion Plays a Crucial Role

How The Great’s Fashion Plays a Pivotal Role in Season 2’s Storytelling

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