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sam, 20. June. 2020


The Chamber of bankruptcy will have to re-enter the payment of the aid of 250 000 francs. ARCH – C. LAMBERT


GONDOLA. The federal Court case-a decision of the House of lawsuits and bankruptcies in the canton of Fribourg regarding the company Telecabine Charmey-the-Teeth-Green SA. The Room will have to enter it again for the payment of a aid of 250 000 francs by the municipality of Charmey.

In a ruling published Thursday, the 2nd Court of civil law admits the use of the Office cantonal of bankruptcy acting as administrator of the estate in bankruptcy of the cable car. It notes that the right to be heard in the Office was breached on two occasions during the proceedings before the board. On the one hand, the Chamber has not dealt with the question of the disqualification of Etienne Genoud. The trustee of Val-de-Charmey (vice-trustee until June 2019) and president of the society of the gondola disputed the payment…

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