The holiday hotspots where coronavirus cases have remained under 1,000 since the pandemic started


CORONAVIRUS cases in the UK continue to climb, with the death toll passing 40,000 today.

But while the UK remains one of the hardest hit countries in the world, some holiday destinations have managed to nearly avoid coronavirus altogether.

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Travel bans and closed borders have led to a number of tourist hotspots containing the virus from the beginning, with limited cases being reported.

These include both European countries as well as some further afield – here are some of the locations which have kept coronavirus cases below 1,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Caribbean islands have managed to keep coronavirus cases low after flights were banned earlier this year, along with cruise ships.

Barbados cases remain under 100 with just 92 confirmed cases as of today.

Flights and travel are yet to return to Barbados, with mandatory 14-day quarantines for anyone entering the islands.

The Bahamas has also kept coronavirus cases low, although it is more optimistic in welcoming tourist back.

Ports are opening from July 1 along with a number of resorts, although flights are yet to restart.

British Airways offer direct flights, however, and with the airline restarting from July, this could soon include the Bahamas as well.

Off the coast of the UK, the Isle of Man has not only kept their coronavirus cases low compared to the rest of Britain, but it currently has no active cases.

Strict rules were introduced, with people detained for leaving the house more than once or having a drink on the beach.

Travelling to the islands is still banned for now – although holiday resorts have already started to reopen ahead of the summer.

The Channel Islands, which includes Jersey and Guernsey, has reported just 561 cases since the pandemic hit the UK.

By isolating the islands, Guernsey has since become “coronavirus-free”, with businesses and restaurants now allowed to open.

Travel may not return any time soon though – Aurigny flights are to be grounded until September and tourists are not allowed into Jersey.

The small European island has kept cases of the virus low after enforcing a mandatory 14-day quarantine just five days after its first case.

One week after that, all flights were stopped and have not resumed yet.

Flights will instead restart from July 1 with 18 countries allowed to enter – just not the UK.

Also managing to keep cases to a minimum, Cyprus is one of the few European countries to have contained coronavirus with zero new cases today.

From mid-March people could only go outside for exercise and essential trips which had to be approved by text message, while a curfew was enforced every night.

Now, airports in Cyprus open from next week and the country will pay for your holiday if you catch coronavirus there but Brits are still not allowed until July at the earliest.

Almost all of the countries favoured by Brits as summer holiday destinations have lower coronavirus infection rates than the UK.

Data compiled by Our World in Data shows that on June 1 the UK’s daily confirmed case rate was 28.52 cases per million people.

Popular holiday destinations Spain, Italy and Greece had 4.47, 5.87 and 0.19 cases per million people respectively.


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