The Luminaries’ Eva Green hits back at fans slamming ‘constantly changing’ accent – insisting it took a month to perfect


THE Luminaries’ Eva Green has hit back at fans who slammed her ‘constantly changing’ accent – insisting it took a month to perfect.

The French actress plays American brothel madam Lydia Wells in the BBC drama, which is set in New Zealand during the 19th Century gold rush.

That combination has left fans confused by Eva’s accent, with many claiming it changes in different episodes.

But speaking out about her accent for Lydia, Eva, 40, said: “I hope it’s credible! I worked on it for about a month before we started shooting.

“That really helps me, I like to find a different voice for every character and I think the American really helped me to find naughty Lydia.”

However, some fans weren’t convinced, with one viewer writing on Twitter: “Eva greens accent changes during the sentence she’s speaking.”

Another added: “Eva Green is always a divine presence in any tv show, but her accent in this is all over the bloody shop. A shop where she reads cards in fancy dresses. I think.”

A third accused the actress of always having wonky accents: “Just a really odd accent from Eva green. As usual.”

While a fourth said the entire cast was guilty of dodgy accents: “The Luminaries is set in Bad Accent City. And Eva Green is the mayor.”

French-born Eva speaks English as a second language and whose unique accent can be accredited to her education at the American University in Paris.

She also spent time living in London, Ireland and Ramsgate, which could be explain her lilt.

The actress also confessed to preferring to act in her native French, telling The Guardian: “It would be a holiday [acting in French].

“I wouldn’t have to worry about the English. Your voice and your whole identity changes when you speak in a different language.

“So to speak French would reveal another me. The real me.”

The Luminaries continues on Sunday, July 12 at 9pm on BBC One.


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