The missing ‘Houdini’ dog, which prompted a police search, was discovered sleeping inside a sofa.


The ‘Houdini’ dog that sparked a police search was discovered sleeping inside a sofa.

Bleu, a sleepy Bichon Frise puppy, caused panic when he vanished unexpectedly, leading his owner to believe he had been stolen.

After he was discovered snoozing in his own home, the cops were forced to leave.

After going missing and sparking a massive search, a dog was dubbed a “four-legged Houdini” before being discovered sleeping inside a couch.

After a three-and-a-half-hour search, Bichon Frise Bleu was discovered in his own home by local police and neighbors.

According to the Daily Record, owner Leanne Bradley of Uddingston was left’sick to her stomach,’ fearful that her beloved pooch had been stolen.

In their search for Bleu, members of the community went out into the streets, neighboring villages, and even a cemetery.

When the three-year-old puppy went’missing’ after playing in his home’s garden around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the alarm was sounded.

Around that time, Leanne and her husband Steven had lifted the couch in search of their TV remote, and they believe that is when Bleu crept inside.

However, neither of them noticed, and when Bleu did not respond to their calls, they became concerned.

“I actually felt sick to the pit of my stomach,” Leanne, 42, a mother of one, told the Record.

“I have four Bichons: my mother Bubbles, my father Bleu, and my two daughters Bella and Bonnie.”

On Tuesday evening, I came home and opened the back door to let the dogs out.

“My back garden is completely enclosed and is surrounded by a six-foot fence, so unless someone intervenes, none of my dogs will be able to escape.”

“Bleu is a very outspoken individual.

He won’t let any animals get too close to him.

He barks a lot, but they were all in the back, and we hadn’t heard them.

“In the meantime, my husband had misplaced the TV remote, and we were searching for it.”

Steven, Leeane’s husband, raised the couch, and they retrieved the remote from beneath it.

Steven called the dogs in from the garden a short time later.

“Steven was calling the dogs in, but he could only see three of them,” Leeane said.

“I couldn’t seem to locate Bleu.

We were yelling at him.

My son checked upstairs and I went around the back with a torch.

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