‘The Perfect Pairing’: Cast, Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know


‘The Perfect Pairing’: Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else You Need to Know About Hallmark’s New Film

Before you settle in to watch the new Hallmark Channel film The Perfect Pairing, pour yourself a glass of wine.

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It revolves around a romance between a wine critic and a single father whose family owns a winery she previously panned in a review.

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The Perfect Pairing debuts on January 7th.

15th at 8:00 p.m.

Hallmark Channel’s “New Year, New Movies” programming event aired on ET.

Nazneen Contractor, a 24 alum, plays Christina, an influential – and anonymous – critic.

Brennan Elliott (Cedar Cove) plays Michael, a love interest who assists his family with their winery.

The movie was shot on location in Ontario, Canada, at the Pellar Estates Winery.

Contractor wrote on Instagram, “This is by far my favorite @hallmarkchannel movie I’ve made thus far.”

“This was created with a lot of love and effort.

“To you, from my heart.”

Christina inadvertently finds herself at a winery she previously slammed in The Perfect Pairing.

She tries to flee as quickly as possible before anyone figures out who she is.

However, as she flees, she slips on some ice and hits her head, resulting in amnesia.

Christina is taken in by the Hollingbrooks while she recovers from her injuries and attempts to reclaim her memories.

She helps the family prepare for their annual wine tapping party in exchange.

She also lends a hand to Michael with his high-risk passion project: ice wine.

Despite the fact that the Hollingbrook Winery is a work of fiction, fans of The Perfect Pairing can still enjoy a wine inspired by the film.

“The Perfect Pairing” is a sweet dessert wine that joins a cabernet sauvignon (Jingle), a sauvignon blanc (Joy), and a rosé (Blush) in Hallmark Channel’s wine lineup.

It’s a late-harvest sauvignon blanc made with grapes that are nearly frozen.

According to Hallmark Channel, the wine has a “rich golden color and tropical fruit flavors are balanced by sweet overtones.”

HallmarkChannelWines.com has it for (dollar)19 per bottle.

“The Perfect Pairing’s launch is a labor of love for our team,” Hallmark Channel Wines winemaker Andrew Nelson said in a statement.

“Our previous wine lineup was always influenced by the Hallmark Channel’s existing…

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