The Secret to Ina Garten’s Successful Zoom Dinner Parties


Zoom Dinner Parties: Ina Garten’s Secret

The queen of dinner parties is Ina Garten, the star of Barefoot Contessa.

She has a few pointers for throwing a memorable Zoom dinner party for your friends and family.

Whether you’re planning a Zoom get-together due to the pandemic or your loved ones are too far away to attend your holiday gathering, the Food Network star has you covered.

If you’re going to a dinner party, you’re probably trying to come up with the ideal host gift.

Garten advises that you pick your gift carefully.

She believes that giving the wrong gift can leave a negative impression.

Garten says there’s one kind of gift you should never give.

Garten tells the Star Tribune, “Never bring something that has to be served at the meal unless the host or hostess has asked for it.”

“I’m always afraid that if you bring a raspberry cheesecake and they’ve made something good but not great for dessert, everyone will go crazy for your raspberry cheesecake, which is terrible for the hostess.”

It’s impolite.”

“When it comes to what to bring to a dinner party, Garten recommends something simple like chocolate or a beverage.”

“Bring something for the host to eat for breakfast, or some good coffee, or a box of chocolates to pass around after the meal,” Garten suggests.

Garten offered some helpful advice for hosting dinner parties at a distance.

A friend told her that the key to a successful Zoom party is for everyone to eat the same thing.

“So, not only do you have that experience of seeing each other, but you also have that experience of smelling and eating the same thing,” Garten says in a Stephen Colbert interview.

Another piece of advice given by Garten is to have fun.

“Everything should be a treat!” she said in a People interview in 2018.

“However, she warns against overdoing it.”

“You don’t want cream and butter on everything.”

It’s crucial, according to Garten, to plan meals ahead of time.

This aids in stress reduction.

Garten tells People, “I think the best thing you can do for any dinner is plan it really well.”

“I try to strike a balance between what I’m making and how I’ll get it done.”

While the roast or turkey is resting, I prepare a few things ahead of time to reheat.

Alternatively, you could make some things that…

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