The Walking Dead fans call out two continuity errors with Sophia’s death during zombie barn slaughter


FANS of The Walking Dead have been binge-watching the zombie drama throughout lockdown, but have noticed some errors along the way.

One classic storyline that has been under the microscope on social media is the death of Sophia, played by Madison Lintz.

The morbid arc saw Carol’s (Melissa McBride) daughter go missing around the time Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and co arrive at Hershel’s farm.

It later transpired that the barn on the premises was packed full of walkers, who the farmers had been herding up and collecting in case they one day found a cure.

Naturally Rick was furious that the dangerous creatures were being kept so close to his people and wasted no time unlocking the barn and gunning them down.

However, after taking at the bulk of the zombies the group were devastated to see an undead Sophia stroll out, confirming their worst fears that she’d been bitten and had turned.

However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed some major gaffes with the filming of the moment.

One Reddit user wrote: “As the group kills the walkers that come out of the barn, the camera shows several different vantage points from in front of the barn, inside of the barn etc.

“It shows the walkers lying with a clear path between them, and in another it shows the walkers lying in a jumbled pile with no path between them.”

They continued: “This goes back and forth a few times until Sophia comes out of the barn, and there is no clear path again.”

Mistakes were also spotted in the episode that came after the big reveal.

The fan pointed out: “At the end where Rick shoots the walker Sophia, she falls to her right.

“In the next episode, Nebraska, picking up immediately after the last, she is in an entirely different position, as if she fell forward.”

It’s not the first blunder fans have called out – they previously noticed continuity errors with one of Andrea’s outfits.

Sophie acttress Lintz previously admitted that she was shocked to be killed off so early given the prominence of the character in Robert Kirkman’s comics.

“I honestly thought that I was in [more of the second season]. I thought I was not going to die, because I was still alive in the comics,” she said.

The Walking Dead is expected to drop its season 10 finale later this year, which will see Beta (Ryan Hurst) march The Whisperers’ horde of walkers on the allied communities.

Post-production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning fans missed out on the last episode.

Season 11 is set the explore the introduction of The Commonwealth, a city with a strict class system that proved to be divisive and deadly.


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