The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan teases major tension between Negan and Maggie in season 11


A major “confrontation” between Negan and Maggie on The Walking Dead could happen in season 11, according to star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The actor plays Negan on AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama and teased the major tension between the two characters on his podcast, Friday Night In With The Morgans.

Speaking to Paola Lázaro who plays the lively new survivor, Princess, the pair discussed how the different characters might get along in the upcoming season.

“I think Princess and Negan will get along greatly,” Lázaro said.

“Maybe at first they’ll be like cats [hissing]. You know when a cat sees itself in the mirror? So maybe at first they wouldn’t get along, but I think they’re both wild.”

Morgan argued they would get along because “they’re both kind of outsiders. I think they’ll have an interesting dynamic, too.”

Lázaro argued that Princess would probably annoy the serious Maggie because of her sunny outlook.

Morgan chimed in: “We have that in common, too, I’m gonna irritate Maggie also.”

The actor also anticipated “some sort of confrontation, or ten” when the characters next run into each other on season 11.

Maggie will return at the end of season 10 which has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie echoed Morgan’s thoughts that some major drama would go down between the pair when they next reunite.

The actress will resume her role after she was last seen on screen at the mid-point of season nine.

Maggie left with a bitter taste in her mouth after Rick Grimes failed to kill Negan and Michonne refused to let Maggie take him down herself.

Maggie had wanted revenge after Negan killed her husband Glenn, smashing his head in with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille.

Having witnessed her husband’s brutal death, and not being able to avenge it, Maggie left to live with another community of survivors, but a trailer for the delayed season 10 finale revealed she would be back.

As for her unfinished business with Negan, Lauren told AMC in a recent interview: “Just like in life, it might be one of those things she doesn’t know until she faces it.

“Or even what has been happening, I’m in a liberated position to actually not know enough to give spoilers at this point!

“It’s a nice surprise to come back to these changes, understand what motivates her return, what happened while she was out there and who’s still going to be here when she returns.

“We have a lot to unpack.”

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will return to AMC and Fox UK later this year.


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