These Emily in Paris insider tips will have you saying “Mon Dieu” in no time.


These Emily in Paris insider secrets will have you saying “Mon Dieu” in no time.

Excuse me, but we have some Emily in Paris secrets that you’ll want to know about.

Here is where you can find them.

Please excuse our French, but this list astounds us.

Though it’s no secret that Emily in Paris is returning for a second season, there are plenty of secrets hidden behind the hit Netflix show.

Season two of Savoir PR’s hit show, starring Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, and Camille Razat, premiered on December 1st.

22 with new looks, vacation destinations, and eye candy

And now we’re revealing some of the show’s biggest secrets.

Not to mention the fact that it has been renewed for seasons three and four.

There’s a lot to learn about our favorite Parisian-based binge, from the fact that Lucas worked as a chef before taking on the role of Gabriel to the fact that Mindy only sings in the series because Ashley is a talented singer.

Also, scroll down to find out what happened to Gabriel and Emily’s iconic staircase in the second season.

Find out more shocking secrets than Sylvie’s marriage to Laurent G (Arnaud Binard) by scrolling through.

Mindy wasn’t going to be a singer until Ashley Park stepped into the role, according to Elite Daily.

Ashley said the creator of the series, Darren Star, asked if she would mind singing in the show after she was nominated for a Tony Award in 2018 for originating the role of Gretchen Wieners in the musical adaptation of Mean Girls.

“He asked, ‘Would you be OK if Mindy sang while we’re writing the rest of the series?” Ashley explained.

“He saw me twice on Broadway in Mean Girls,” he claims.

And he said, ‘How could we not include singing for you?’ Of course, I was ecstatic.”

Lucas Bravo told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that he used to work as a chef, so all of that fancy knife technique isn’t just for show.

“I was working in this bar a few years ago when one of the sous chefs left,” Lucas said.

“‘I don’t think I can learn anything more at the bar,’ I told them.

Is it possible…

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These Emily in Paris Secrets Will Have You Saying “Mon Dieu”

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