This is the exact date you need to purchase your outdoor furniture, according to me, a gardening expert.


I’m a gardening expert, and this is the precise date on which you should purchase your outdoor furniture.


If you care about the appearance of your garden, you’ll want to pay attention.

It’s not just about the trees, plants, and well-kept bushes that make a garden look good; it’s also about how you style it.

And now, to help you beat the furniture shortages, garden furniture experts have revealed the “exact” date you need to buy furniture.

Garden furniture is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space and can completely transform it.

Even though it’s only January, the weather is bitterly cold, and we’re all looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some sunshine and spending time in our gardens this summer.

During the warmer months over the last two years, there has been a huge surge in demand for garden furniture, leaving many people on waiting lists or without.

Garden furniture expert Ryan Schwarze of Luxury Rattan has revealed the exact date to order your garden furniture.

You might think it’s too early in the year to be thinking about your garden, but if you want to get the best outdoor furniture for your home, you need to start planning now.

“To avoid the mad rush that begins during spring,” Ryan told The Express, “we would suggest buying, or looking to buy, your garden furniture and accessories on the 7th February, as this is when demand begins to increase.”

“Securing your furniture on this date ensures that you’ll be able to get exactly what you want rather than having to settle for what’s left over, and it gives you plenty of time for delivery ahead of peak dates.”

“Now that you’ve ordered your garden furniture, you can start preparing your seating area, consider adding other accessories like an outdoor carpet or a fire pit, and get a head start on the rest of your garden maintenance tasks before the sun comes out, giving you more time to relax later!”

It’s critical to understand how to care for garden furniture and to keep it clean on a regular basis when purchasing it.

All Round Fun experts shared their best tips for cleaning and protecting outdoor furniture so it stays fresh in the winter and looks great when summer arrives.

“Scrub your wooden garden furniture gently with warm soapy water,” they advised.

“Some wood furniture, such as teak, can withstand a pressure washer rinse.”


“However, always double-check what kind of wood yours is made of, because the…

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