This is the last day to get your hands on popular McDonald’s items before they leave the menu


There are just two weeks left to go before three of McDonald’s popular menu items are taken off the menu.

Leaving the menu is Vegetarian favourite cheese melt dippers and the much-loved spicy chicken nuggets.

The fast food chain said all the items will vanish from menus across the UK on January 28 – meaning there’s just two weeks left to get your hands on the bites.

Also disappearing is the Big Tasty, which is a beef burger with Emmenthal cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and Big Tasty sauce.

Many restaurants will stop selling the items when stock runs out, meaning hungry diners may need to head to their nearest restaurant before January 28 to get their hands on the meal.  

The cheese melt dippers reappeared on the menu before Christmas, and are historically offered sporadically throughout the year – meaning they may be back at a later date.

McDonald’s say that due to kitchen space and specialist equipment requirements, they are limited in the number of food items they can to offer at any one time. 

They bites cost £1.79 for four dippers for £1.79 or £4.40 for 12.

Meanwhile, the spicy nuggets first appeared on UK menus in July last year, after they were successfully trailed in the US and Asia.

Initially they were only introduced for seven weeks, and queues of Brits lined up to try them.   

The spicy nuggets returned on January 2 this year, but are only sticking around for a month this time. 

The Big Tasty rejoined the menu and the end of last year as part of McDonald’s 2019 Christmas menu, with a bacon version was added  for 40p more.

Both will be discontinued from January 28 this year. 

It comes as McDonald’s launched a month of deals throughout January starting including 99p Big Macs, free cheese dippers and free bacon rolls.  

The chain have also launched its first fully vegan menu including four veggie dippers for £3.29, or a plant-based Happy Meal for £2.99. 

The fast-food giant will introduced the dippers, made from red pepper, rice, sundried tomato pesto and split peas covered with bread crumbs yesterday.

A vegan meal of four dippers with fries and a soft drink has also been introduced and is available for £4.99.  

The vegetable-based meal options, approved by The Vegan Society, will be prepared in a separate area. 



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