This Morning viewers horrified as guest refuses to follow new facemask rules – insisting UK has ‘herd immunity’


THIS Morning viewers were horrified today when a guest insisted she will ignore new Government rules on wearing face masks.

Anti-mask campaigner Leah Butler-Smith appeared on ITV slamming the “draconian” requirements and insisting the UK now had “herd immunity”.

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Herd immunity kicks in when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease – in this case coronavirus.

As of today, wearing a face mask in shops is compulsory, as well as in takeaways if you are ordering from the counter.

But in a staunch rejection of the new rules, Leah insisted people had been “brainwashed by the Government’s propaganda”.

She said: “Professor Sunetra Gupta [from Oxford University]said we’ve already achieved herd immunity. These draconian laws the Government keep implementing don’t really make any sense.”

She added: “There are so many flip-flops in the Government’s advice and now we have these peculiar rules – you do wear them here and you don’t wear them there, but you’re in the same shop.”

But fans were furious, with one writing: “Why is this Leah person allowed to rant unchallenged about her selfish and dangerous views on face coverings?

“I’m really tired of the ‘we’ve been wronged’ brigade who oppose everyone and everything. Chose your battles wisely.”

Several insisted hosts Ore Oduba and Rochelle Humes should have challenged on the claim that the UK had reached “herd immunity”.


One tweeted: “She is wrong and it went unchallenged! That was misleading and could lead others to stop using a face mask.”

However, others applauded what Leah was saying, with one tweeting: “Hallelujah someone speaking sense!

“If we all start wearing masks when will it end… or will it be sold to us as the ‘New Normal’ for the next 20 years, with anyone not conforming be judged and bullied.

“This is just another way for the Government to divide us and create conflict!”


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