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This Morning’s Holly and Phil told off by 81-year-old’s angry lover, 35, for calling him a ‘toyboy’


THIS Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield found themselves on the receiving end of a roasting today.

The pair were taken to task by 81-year-old Iris Jones’ 35-year-old lover Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham – for calling him a “toyboy”.

He raged at the presenters after spotting a caption on screen calling him her “toyboy lover”.

He said critics of the pair could “go to hell” before issuing a furious complaint to Holly and Phillip, telling them: “Listen to me. I’m angry. You say I am a toyboy.

“I’m not – I am a man. I am not a game. Please don’t say that again.”

While he was complaining, the show swiftly removed the onscreen caption that read: “I’m still waiting to marry my toyboy lover.”

It was replaced a few seconds later with one saying: “I’m dating a man 45-years younger than me.”

Once the pair’s live video link to Egypt had gone, Phillip turned to Holly and said: “Did we get a telling off then? I think we got a telling off.”

It was the second time on the show for Iris, who boasted the pair had used a whole tube of KY Jelly the first night they had sex on her previous appearance.

And, true to form, she mentioned the lubricant product once again today.

She said: “Mohamed is usually very shy. He’s not shy in bed.

“I bought a tube of KY Jelly with me this time but we didn’t open it. We haven’t used it. I might take it back to the shop and get my money back.”

Mohamed said: “We get married, I told you, don’t say that. I’m very sorry.”

The pair are trying to get paperwork arranged to they can legally wed and “prove to the world that age makes no difference to love”.

Iris explained: “I never ever dreamed of a perfect love. But when I met Mohamed that dream came true. It is real true love. The age gap disappears into the distance.”

He finished the interview by insisting he wasn’t after her money, reasoning: “Many people are rich but not happy. We search out our happiness.

“I have money, I have travelled many countries. I don’t need anything from Iris.”

Fans were left giggling at home, with one writing: “Pmsl at 81-year-old Iris’s boyfriend saying ‘I’m not a toyboy, I’m a man’ and them yanking the caption ‘I’m still waiting to marry my toyboy lover’ off screen.”


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