Tiger King’s Carole Baskin made a whopping £16,000 on her first day after signing up to video messaging site Cameo


BEING an activist you need all the money you can get and Carole Baskin is using her newfound fame from Tiger King to her advantage.

The star of the Netflix series made a whopping £16,000 on her first day after signing up to personalised message site Cameo.

She charges £140 a pop for a 30 second video so fans can get her to wish them a happy birthday or anniversary.

Carole greets visitors to the site with the famous introduction: “Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”

She continues: “I’m happy to record any kind of greeting for a birthday or anniversary or any kind of encouraging message to the animal lover in your life.”

The animal activist then asks fans to visit her Big Cat Act website to donate to her cause.

Maybe she could send one to her rival Joe Exotic in prison.

The TV star is currently locked up in the US over a plot to kill Carole and this week told fans he felt as though he was on death row.

Joe, who was sentenced to 22 years behind bars, said in a letter: “My soul dies a little each day.

“Not long and my heart will stop like an animal that morns [sic]itself to death.”

Joe had previously begged American President Donald Trump to give him a pardon and warned he would be “dead in three months” after not having contact with his loved ones, including husband Dillon Passage.

A note written by Joe read: “It’s like I have been sent to Death Row. They stopped all of my medication except one.

“This place is hell on earth.

“I struggle every day to hold onto what little hope I can find… I don’t even know if I’m married any more.

“Seems like everyone is too busy making money and being famous, I don’t even get a letter from Dillon.”

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