Tom Holland, star of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ talks about his Marvel future, saying, ‘Maybe It’s Time for Me to Move On.’


Tom Holland, star of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” talks about his Marvel future, saying, “Maybe It’s Time for Me to Move On.”

Fans’ favorite Marvel characters appear to be vanishing like flies from the franchise.

After the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, might be done with the character.

Fans were divided when Marvel cast Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU.

Some questioned why a new actor should play Spider-Man so soon after Andrew Garfield’s performance in The Amazing Spider-Man film series.

Holland’s performance in Captain America: Civil War, on the other hand, wowed audiences.

It was obvious that his take on the character would be vastly different from Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s.

Beginning with Captain America: Civil War, the actor has signed a deal with Marvel Studios to appear in six films.

After Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Holland’s contract is set to end with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland discussed the possibility of him no longer playing Spider-Man in an interview with GQ.

“It’s strange,” he said.

I worked every day for the last six years of my life.

It’s a little terrifying, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

Super Hero of the Year (as well as our hearts).

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Though Tom Holland’s Spider-Man films may be coming to an end, the character will undoubtedly live on for many more years.

“Perhaps it’s time for me to move on,” the actor told GQ.

Maybe the best thing for Spider-Man is a Miles Morales film.

I have to think about Peter Parker, too, because he’s a big part of my life.”

“I’ve done something wrong if I’m playing Spider-Man after I’m 30,” Holland added.

Holland, on the other hand, would be playing Peter Parker for many years if it were up to Spider-Man executive producer Amy Pascal.

“I’ve talked to him about doing a hundred more,” Pascal explained.

I’ll never make another Spider-Man film without him.

“Are you serious?” I exclaim.

After the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, only time will tell if Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker.

Fans can, at the very least, expect…

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