Tom Petty’s Heartbreaking Words Following George Harrison’s Near-Death Experience During a 1999 Home Invasion


After George Harrison nearly died in a home invasion in 1999, Tom Petty wrote these heartbreaking words.

George Harrison and his wife Olivia were attacked in their home, Friar Park, in 1999 by a man.

The man stabbed George 40 times with a kitchen knife before Olivia used a lamp and a fireplace poker to knock him out.

George was recovering from throat cancer, but the attack forced him to have a portion of his lung removed.

Tom Petty was worried when he heard about the home invasion that his friend had been seriously hurt.

Unfortunately, many people believe that George’s life was cut short as a result of the attack.

He had only recently recovered from his first bout of cancer when it reappeared.

Thankfully, when the time came, George left his body in 2001 in the manner he desired, with dignity.

Petty was relieved because he couldn’t handle George’s death on the night of the attack.

George’s spirituality helped him get through the last few years of his life, he told Rolling Stone in 2002.

“I’m sure it helped him a lot,” Petty said.

“He was a truly courageous man who died with dignity.”

It’s a lot less difficult for me now than it would have been if he’d died in the attack that night.

That’s something I’m not sure I could have handled.

So I told him.

“I told him, ‘I already kind of went through your death.’ And I said, ‘Just do me a favor and don’t die that way, because I just can’t handle it.’ He said he promised me he wasn’t going out that way.”

George Harrison, according to Tom Petty, had a deep affection for the Beatles.

“Aren’t you glad you married a Mexican girl?” Petty faxed George when he first learned of the attack.

Petty said, “Olivia really kicked ass.”

“She is a lovely lady.”

Dhani, his song, is a stunning young lady.

I’ve recently seen his work.

He’s doing fantastically well.

Very powerful and inspiring.

Olivia had the most difficult job in the world because she loved George more than the rest of us, and she truly cared for him, clearing the path in front of him, behind him, and inheriting that crazy life.”

Who knows…

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