Town Meetings on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Took So Long to Film, Sally Struthers Made a Game to Get Through Them


Town Meetings on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Took So Long to Film, Sally Struthers Made a Game to Get Through Them

Gilmore Girls may have ended its run in 2007, but many fans still remember it.

One of the reasons Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered on Netflix in 2016 was because of this.

Fans are still clamoring for more Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Jess, and other characters from the show.

The town meetings accounted for some of the show’s longest scenes.

Taylor Doose, played by Michael Winters, was in charge of those meetings, which meant they’d be long and drawn out because he had an opinion on everything.

Other residents of Stars Hollow voiced their opinions on the subject as well, and they frequently quarrelled about how to handle the situation.

Sally Struthers, who portrayed Babette Dell, admitted that she had to make up a game to get through them.

Around 7 a.m., the Gilmore Girls actors would start filming the town meeting scenes.

It would take until 10 p.m. to complete them.

It’s no surprise that these scenes would take all day to shoot, with so many side conversations to focus on between Lorelai and Rory, Lorelai and Luke, Lorelai and Sookie, Rory and Lane, or anyone else, and then the meeting itself, flashing from one character to the next.

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Struthers devised a quick game to occupy herself and a few co-stars while the camera was focused on others.

According to Teen Vogue, she would ask them to guess what was in her purse that day, to see if they could correctly identify the items she kept inside.

It wasn’t the most entertaining game in the world, but it would keep some of them occupied for a while.

To keep them entertained, she even got a dog license made for them.

The eccentric Babette actor wasn’t the only one who expressed concern about the scenes’ longevity.

Patterson, who plays grumpy but lovable Luke Danes, described the scenes as “horrible” to shoot.

He did, however, enjoy watching Winters lead the charge in his role as Taylor.

He did this quite frequently…

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