‘Twilight’: A Cast Member Almost Kicked Another in the Face on Several Occasions


Twilight: One Cast Member Nearly Kicked Another in the Face Several Times

No one expected a risk of head injury when the Twilight cast signed up to play their roles.

Being in action movies, on the other hand, presented its own set of difficulties.

There were a lot of logistics to work out because so many of the actors portray supernatural beings.

While special effects were used to create some of the more otherworldly scenes, the actors also had stunts to complete.

Many Twilight cast members chose to perform their own stunts rather than relying on stunt doubles.

For example, Taylor Lautner worked for months on climbing up the side of a building and catapulting into Bella’s bedroom window.

When the crew’s designed moving chair didn’t look good on camera, the actor who plays Jacob Black in the films spent an entire day carrying Kristen Stewart.

However, one stunt that was difficult to rehearse and film was one that even the most inexperienced actors could pull off.

Alice Cullen and her husband, Jasper Hale, dance at Bella and Edward’s wedding in Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

The dance is challenging and intricate despite its short length.

It turned out to be potentially hazardous as well.

One member of the cast of ‘Twilight’ described the wedding as’magical.’

Ashley Greene (who plays Alice in the Twilight films) and Jackson Rathbone (who played Jasper) discussed what it was like to film their dance in an interview.

Despite the danger, the on-screen couple appeared to be having a good time.

Rathbone said of his famous Twilight dance, “Yeah, it was lovely.”

“Actually, you know, a choreographer was a huge help to us.”

Paul Becker, who is a fantastic choreographer who has worked professionally for many years.

He also let us mess around with it.

I have a little bit of a swing dance background, if you’re interested.

And, as you know, Ash trusted me enough to flip her, so we did.

We decided to go with it.

“We decided on something exciting.”

Some Members of the Cast of ‘Twilight’ Threw ‘Hail Balls’ at Others

Greene admitted that while the number was exciting, she had some reservations when they first started practicing.

“I remember thinking to myself the first time we did it, ‘Are we sure about this?'” the Twilight actress recalled.

Rathbone, on the other hand, was certain to…

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