Valentine’s Day lovers transform their Christmas trees for the romantic season


Fans of Valentine’s Day have come up with a creative way of keeping their Christmas trees up a little longer – and Cupid would definitely approve. 

Creative Instagram users have begun swapping their holiday-themed baubles for bright pink, red and heart-shaped decorations to transform their trees into something altogether more romantic.

The festive firs, both fake and real, should have been down by twelfth night – January 6 – but many are now covered in ornaments including candy hearts, lollipops, light-up teddy bears and ‘xo’ decorations scattered across the glittering branches.

Some excited Valentine’s Day enthusiasts have even opted to buy an artificial pink tree just to mark February 14.

One user, from Oregon, decorated her Valentine’s Day tree with pale pink roses and vintage cards for the holiday.

Posting a snap to Instagram, she wrote: ‘Soo…I did this thing… We’re exactly one month away from Valentine’s Day so I can share right?

‘I might love my Christmas tree so much that I kept it up and turned it into a Valentine’s tree’.

Another, from Missouri, wrote that  she had added Valentine’s Day decorations to the tree after protests from her family when she attempted to take it down.

‘AJ protested both times I’ve attempted to take the Christmas tree down’, she wrote.

‘It’s a little “cheapy” looking, but it made my babies happy and makes me smile a little, too. AND this baby isn’t coming down until the END of February’.

A third user, from Texas, shared multiple images of various Valentine’s Day trees she had created around the house.

She wrote: ‘If the thought of taking down your Christmas tree is daunting… DON’T take it down!! Simply turn it into a VALENTINES TREE!!.

‘Here are some fun ways I’ve transitioned my trees from Christmas to Valentine’s! And notice even the Grinch tree has hearts that grew three sizes!’

Others shared snaps of their pink and red trees to Twitter, with one user insisting the ‘cheesy’ decoration has got her excited for Cupid’s big day a whole month early.

She said: ‘Anyone else put up a cheesy Valentine’s tree? Don’t fight it’.

Another added: ‘Instead of taking the tree down, my mother (known to many as Hurricane Irma) has opted to just decorate it to the seasons. Her “Valentine’s” tree is up now’.

However, some were less-than-impressed with the bizarre new trend.

One user said: ‘For f*** sake. Valentine’s Day trees are the dumbest things ever. Don’t be a lazy f*** and just take the damn Christmas tree down already’.

‘I’m calling 911 if I see someone decorate a tree for Valentine’s or St Patrick’s Day’, said another. 


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