Vanessa Hudgens Teases a Possible Baby Story Line in ‘Princess Switch 4,’ Reveals Whether She’d Sign On for a ‘Princess Switch 4’


Vanessa Hudgens Teases a Possible Baby Story Line in ‘Princess Switch 4′

Vanessa Hudgens is “very proud” of the Princess Switch trilogy, but she isn’t sure if a fourth installment will be made.

“You know, I never want to say never,” Hudgens, 32, told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, November 18.

“They’re so special, and I love spending the holidays in everyone’s home and seeing how they bring families together.”

It simply brings joy to my heart.

“However, it is a lot of work.”

In 2018’s The Princess Switch, the High School Musical alum made her acting debut as Lady Margaret (who later became Queen Margaret) and Stacy (who later became Princess Stacy).

In 2020’s The Princes Switch: Switched Again, Hudgens reprised both roles while also introducing a third lookalike character, cousin Fiona.

Hudgens stepped back into all three women’s shoes in the third installment, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, as the trio worked together — and switched places — to reclaim the Star of Peace.

Hudgens said of the Netflix films she produced, “I feel very proud of it.”

“It all started with my love of The Parent Trap, and now we’re on the third.”

The California native, who starred in three Disney Channel HSM films in the 2000s, expressed joy at the prospect of telling a longer story for her Princess Switch characters.

“It’s turned into a trilogy, and to be a part of another trilogy while knowing that it was literally all dependent on me because I was playing all the characters,” Hudgens added.

“And it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.”

While the Spring Breakers actress hasn’t confirmed a fourth film, she did speak to fans’ desire to see one, if not all, of her characters have children with their respective love interests.

Margaret fell in love with Kevin (Nick Sagar), Stacy with Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), and Fiona with Peter (Remy Hii) throughout the franchise.

“I feel like I’d just want to skip the [pregnancy]bump and just be me holding babies,” Hudgens said.

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Vanessa Hudgens Teases a Possible Baby Story Line in ‘Princess Switch 4’

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Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Whether She’d Sign On for a ‘Princess Switch 4,’ Teases Possible Baby Story Line

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