Victoria Beckham Discusses Makeup Tips and Her New Blush.


Victoria Beckham Discusses Makeup Tips and Her New Blush

We spoke with Victoria Beckham because we believe you’ll enjoy her choices.

The items displayed are from Victoria’s own line.

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Victoria Beckham has always been our go-to girl for fashion and beauty advice.

Victoria Beckham Beauty, the entrepreneur’s own cruelty-free cosmetics line, has made our makeup dreams even easier.

The Cheeky Posh Blush is a cream blush stick that comes in five gorgeous shades.

Victoria talked to E! News about her new blush, and she even offered some expert product application advice.

E! : What sets this blush apart from others on the market? VB: With Cheeky Posh, our goal was to create a blush that looks and feels great on everyone, with a unique, clean formula that feels great on the skin and is good for it.

For amazing application and water-resistant wear, we use plant emollients and botanical waxes.

The formula’s treated pigments offer superior blendability and luxurious softness, as well as color consistency over time.

As a result, it’s creamy smooth, blends like a dream, is incredibly long lasting, and will never fade.

E! : Do you have any application tips/insights for the most natural blush look?VB: Blush is what brings my entire look together and brings my complexion to life for me.

I use a tiny bit on my cheeks and a little on my lips, and blend with my fingertips, depending on the look I’m going for. I love the vibrant pink shade Rollerskate to brighten my entire complexion.

When I want a more natural look, I layer Playground along my cheekbones and over my lips, blend, and then apply Major to the center of my cheeks and lips, which gives me the most natural dimension.

These velvety blushes have a long-lasting natural finish and are extremely buildable.

Knickers (light peachy melon), Playground (mid-tone terracotta nude), Major (neutral pink flush), Miniskirt (berry rose), and Rollerskate (vivid coral pink) are the five ultra-flattering colors to choose from.

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