Video shows puppies waiting to receive a goodnight kiss from their teen owner


Adorable footage shows four tiny Shih Tzu puppies lining up patiently waiting for a ‘good night kiss’ from their owner – before falling fast asleep the moment her lips touch each one. 

The unbelievable clip shows the one-month-old dogs waiting for their turn to be kissed by their owner, Karylle Punzalan, 18, from from Bataan, Philippines, before going limp in their owner’s hands, as if the kiss has immediately cast a spell on them  

Each puppy then remains completely still as Karylle lays them down one at a time on their backs – where they remain asleep with their tiny feet sticking up in the air. 

The video was filmed by Karylle’s sister, Kim Punzalan, 19, at their home last Monday shortly after Karylle discovered the trick while playing with the pups. 

The puppies incredible trick proved a hit on social media where it has racked up more than 4.5million views and more than 200,000 shares. 

Kim, said: ‘I think it’s so cute and funny how the puppies react to my sister. The puppies are actually really playful and they don’t always go to sleep straight away. Two of them will go to sleep but the other two are too playful. 

‘Sometimes, it takes time to get them to sleep, even after turning off the lights. 

‘Because of this, my sister decided to find a way to make them behave as much as possible. 

‘I laughed when Karylle showed me this. I found it cute and adorable. She just wanted the puppies to behave as they had already been playing too long.’

The student never imagined her footage would prove a viral sensation and originally only wanted to show her mother the puppies’ bizarre behaviour. 

Kim said: ‘At first, I only wanted to show the video to my mother but I decided to post it to Facebook. It’s too cute not to share. 

‘People have said the video is cool and adorable at the same time, they find it cute and funny too. 

‘I think the video relates to those who own pets. It can help them to teach their own pets how to behave, especially during bedtime!’ 

The method has actually been tried and been successful before by other pet owners desperate to send their active pups to sleep. 

Creating a night time routine is one of the most efficient way to make sure your dog has a good night’s sleep. 



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