Violeta Isfel facing the crisis by coronavirus selling hamburgers


Pandemic coronavirus has left more than 12 million mexicans out of work, so revealed a survey of occupation and employment developed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). The industry shows such as theatre, television and film has been one of the most affected. And although the news and live programs have resulted to adapt to the new normal, where they have been able to return gradually to the forums of television, a good number of actors and workers in the guild were left out of this possibility. To do this, many have implemented new ways to continue to bring entertainment to families in their homes, but others such as Violeta Isfel have put in place other options to give face to the emergency.

Isfel live a while ago in Pachuca, Hidalgo, and there he put his new business. “Obviously we closed everything, and at home we started to make burgers and I’m selling here where I live; I live in Hidalgo and has been an amazing experience, and I enjoy it a lot. I did not know that I liked to cook for other people, usually cooked for my family and now I do as well,” said Violet to the programme ‘Formula in Sunday’.

The actress stated that it was quite an experience to realize this social distancing and quarantine to the kitchen is a hidden pleasure that had probably not exploded by the time that you demand your career.

The burgers and Violet were a great financial support during the quarantine, however, the actress remembered for her character of ‘Antonella’ in the soap opera ‘Dare to dream’, as he was called to join the series ‘Lorenza, baby on board’ of Televisa, which premiered in march of 2019. ‘The cookies’ is the character who plays Violet, and shares credit with Barbara Torres, Moises Arizmendi and Marcela Lecuona, among others.

And although the return to her job as an actress is a great motivator, Violet does not think to forget about your business of burgers and said that it will continue to sell over the weekend. “(Selling burgers) what I did all week, but now we return to recording with ‘Laurence’ series, the second season, and now I will do so only on the weekends”. And he added that his followers have asked where they can buy their creations. “People learned that I sell burgers and they ask me where you can buy, that they want to go, but I tell them it’s home and it is something that I will continue doing,” she said.

But in addition to its business of burgers, Violet told in the interview that this quarantine time has been very good to put in order your home and your closet. In addition he has shared with his followers another of his tastes, and he has read the books. “At night I connect by TikTok Live and I read a book. Already we have a book all of the quarantine. I’m already reading the second book of a saga of six. People enjoy it a lot.”

But Violet is a top of the celebrity list that has been put in place other alternatives to the action. Raúl Coronado, is a member of a chain that has restaurants, cafes and a theater. “As in our kitchens is a service to sanitize, hence the idea, we inform you and we enter the lab. Right now we already have 73 people working with us in a span of two months,” said the entrepreneur who is at the front of ‘House Health’. And with the winnings, not only have kept the wages of their 33 employees but other businesses and even has been able to benefit civil associations.

The former host of ‘Enamorándonos’, Carmen Muñoz took the opportunity to start a business and exploit their creativity, despite the fact that she continued to work in Aztec in the program ‘to The End’. Carmen has developed a brand of hats next to your best friend, your daughter, her husband and a team of women of Guanajuato, León and Bajio.

Sergio Goyri became mechanical. The actor has a mechanical workshop in Tlajomulco, Jalisco, near where it also has a ranch. “What I have is a workshop where we repair cars and classic fooftrucks and all this kind of things. There we go, there we go, not the middle of the steam, but a steam room by these circumstances, because one has to take care of, in order, there are many elements that we have dilated”.

Other celebrities such as Mauritius Islands, Alexis Ayala, Ernesto Laguardia and Mariana Ochoa, already had their business. A foundation and a media agency, the restaurants ‘El Peladito’, a pharmacy and a company of costumes, respectively, are the businesses that these stars have already saved either through a loan or using their savings to not lose them.


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