Voice of the Mirror: No-notice Spain quarantine highlights Governments inept approach


Imposing the quarantining of tourists returning to Britain from Spain at ­virtually no notice shows up a Government inventing bad policies on the hoof.

Unable to explain why, Boris Johnson’s Tory administration once again gives the impression ministers don’t know what they’re doing.

With death rates lower in Spain than Britain, it reinforces a view this chaotic Government is just lurching about, acting without thinking and learning nothing from past mistakes.

If there is a coherent scientific case for action, let’s see it because there is no trust in politicians who fatally dithered over lockdown, sent the virus into care homes and were unable to deliver adequate PPE for health workers.

Mass testing’s the answer, not blanket ­quarantining, but Johnson’s disorderly regime long ago failed the credibility test.

Until manufacturers are forced by law to produce healthier food and drinks by reducing salt and calories, Boris Johnson will not save the country from obesity.

The sugar tax on soft drinks was perhaps the only success of Chancellor George Osborne’s six years in the Treasury as firms changed ingredients to avoid paying the levy.

Banning two-for-one offers penalises families on modest and fixed incomes, so we urge the PM to go in hard and demand better ­ingredients in the meals we regularly buy.

If the food processing industry continues to function unrestricted, despite the programme unveiled today, Johnson has failed the nation.

The extraordinary royal war of words between Harry and Meghan’s friends on the one side and William and Kate’s on the other is rocking Buckingham Palace.

With shamed Prince Andrew accused of dodging an interview with US investigators over his friendship with arrested Ghislaine Maxwell and dead paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Queen must wonder what she’s done to deserve all these dangerous confrontations.


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