What Happened to Jung Jin-soo in Episode 3 of the Korean Drama ‘Hellbound’?


What Happened to Jung Jin-soo in Episode 3 of the Korean Drama ‘Hellbound’?

Hellbound, a Netflix Korean drama, left a lot of questions unanswered.

By the third episode of the K-drama, viewers have learned something shocking about Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in), the leader of the New Truth Society.

The man who claimed that God was punishing the world’s sinners had his own secret.

Jin-soo’s storyline would rip open Hellbound’s storyline, making viewers wonder if Jin-soo’s claims about the new phenomenon are true.

[Warning: This article includes Hellbound spoilers.]

Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-June) knows how Jin-soo manipulated his daughter into committing a grave sin in retaliation for his remark about free will in the episode.

Kyeong-hoon is summoned by Jin-soo to an abandoned orphanage where he grew up.

Jin-soo reveals a shocking twist at this point.

Jin-soo admits in Hellbound that he received a prophecy as a teenager in the orphanage.

He was told by the angel that he would die in 20 years at 10:30 p.m., and he searched the world for similar cases, unable to comprehend what the prophecy meant or what he had witnessed.

Kyeong-hoon, on the other hand, speculates on why Jin-soo is telling him his story.

Jin-soo is well aware that he will be confronted by the emissaries of hell and that his fate will be sealed.

He bestows the ability on Kyeong-hoon to choose the fate of the world based on his own free will.

Kyeong-hoon can either document Jin-soo’s death and allow the world to descend into chaos once more, or he can turn a blind eye and flee with his daughter.

The episode raised the question of whether Jin-soo committed a sin or if it was something else entirely.


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Jin-soo of Hellbound founded the New Truth Society on the premise that God is punishing humanity for its sins.

His backstory, on the other hand, and the grand reveal of his prophecy prove otherwise.

A flashback to when he was abandoned by his mother is shown in episode 3.

Many people believe that his sin was being an orphan.

Jin-soo, on the other hand, claims to have never sinned prior to receiving the prophecy.

He lived a righteous life after searching the world for proof.

Jin-soo is not a bad person in reality.

So, Kyeong-hoon realizes why he was given a prophecy…

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