What’s the deal with the TikTok trend of “gorgeous gorgeous girls”?


What is the TikTok trend of “gorgeous gorgeous girls”?

THERE’S ALWAYS a catchphrase on the internet that goes viral among social media users.

‘Gorgeous gorgeous girls’ are taking over TikTok in the spirit of confidence trends like Hot Girl Summer and Christian Girl Autumn.

If you’ve ever scrolled through TikTok or seen viral videos, chances are the ‘gorgeous gorgeous girls’ have appeared on your screen.

TikTokers post short videos of themselves doing their regular activities while listening to acapella music.

The trend’s audio features a female voice chanting, “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup.”

“The most popular girls in the chicken coup are soup girls,” the audio continues.

I adore you, you adore me, and we both adore soup.”

“Ladadeeda ladadeeda, soup queens are soup fiends, and soup fiends eat the greens,” says the narrator.

So eat your soup and stay cool,” the voice concludes.

Users on TikTok changed the audio and replaced the soup portion with whatever activity they were doing in their video.

Serena and her friend Alanna created the original TikTok post on August 23, 2021, which Serena posted to her profile under the handle @fishdress.

Serena and Alanna are the stars of the TikTok video and audio that features “gorgeous gorgeous girls.”

Their video has received over two million views, and it has been featured in over 14,000 related videos.

The gorgeous gorgeous girls meme has taken over social media as a result of platform trendspotters putting their own spin on the trend.

In short, ‘gorgeous gorgeous girls’ adore whatever the user desires, which tends to be the simple pleasures of life, such as soup.

In December 2021, Rolling Stone conducted an interview with Serena and Alanna, the founders of the “gorgeous gorgeous girls” movement.

“My friend and I just kind of talk like that all the time, like, just saying random things like that,” Serena told Rolling Stone.

“So, when it started picking up so quickly, I was like, ‘Why?’ Why do people find this so amusing?” she explained.

Serena added that the trend grew in popularity due to a desire to “identify as hot, gorgeous, or sexy, not in a conceited way, but simply in appreciation of one’s gorgeousness.”

Serena and Alanna followed up with a video in which “gorgeous gorgeous girls” enjoy sushi.

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