Where did the BBC drama Death in Paradise season 11 film?


Where was the BBC drama Death in Paradise filmed for season 11?

Season 11 of Death in Paradise has been a triumphant return to television for fans.

The show’s incredible storylines are as well-known as the idyllic filming locations in the Caribbean.

Death in Paradise was shot primarily in Guadeloupe, a French-controlled Caribbean archipelago.

The majority of the filming takes place on location on the western side of the main island.

The Langley Fort Royal Hotel, which is located on the island’s northern tip, is prominently featured in the series.

Fans of the show Death In Paradise will recognize the beach and bar from the show, while other scenes were filmed at the hotel.

The Fort Royal serves as both a filming location and a base camp for the cast and crew.

The small town of Honoré, Saint Marie’s center, is full of colorful shops and restaurants, as well as a marina.

It’s where the police station, Catherine’s Bar, and the local market are built if a storyline requires it.

The police station is actually the local priest’s office, which he graciously vacates.

With miles of unspoiled beach fringed by palm trees, DI Goodman’s shack is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

The shack is taken down between shoots to keep it from being washed away by the tides, which erode the beach during their winter months.

However, the foundations can still be seen, and there are few places on Guadeloupe that are more tranquil.

The breathtaking Botanical Gardens are only a short distance from Deshaies.

It certainly appears to be the perfect setting for paradise, with a quaint café perched atop a waterfall and paths leading past tropical bird menageries and flamingo pools.

However, it has seen its fair share of death, as it is the location where DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) was killed in the third series.

TONIGHT (January 14, 2022), Death In Paradise continues.

On BBC One, the first episode of Season 11 will air at 9 p.m.

The season will consist of eight episodes, with the finale airing on February 25, 2022.

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