Who Are the A-List Actors in Disney’s “Treasure Planet” Voiceovers?


Who Are the Voice Actors in Disney’s “Treasure Planet”?

From The Incredibles to Atlantis, the early 2000s gave pop culture fans a slew of memorable animated films.

Some of these films have become cult classics, while others have faded into obscurity, reappearing every few years to get fans talking.

Treasure Planet, a heartwarming film based on the classic novel, is one of the most popular animated films from this era.

Viewers can watch as young Jim Hawkins discovers his true potential while pursuing a mythical treasure hidden on a fantastic, mysterious planet.

Treasure Planet features a stellar voice cast that is truly a who’s-who of great stage and screen performers, as well as an intense storyline that is at times hilarious and heartbreaking. Keep reading to learn more about the actors behind the voices in Disney’s Treasure Planet.

According to IMDb, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Jim Hawkins, a young boy who loses his father at a young age and struggles with his emotions for years as a result.

Gordon-Levitt had already established himself as a child star by the time he was cast in Treasure Planet, but his star continued to rise after he lent his voice to the character of Jim.

He has appeared in a number of high-profile films, including Looper, Don Jon, Knives Out, and The Trial of the Chicago 7.

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Brian Murray made a big impression on viewers of all ages as the devious but sweet-natured cyborg pirate John Silver.

According to IMDb, the classically trained theater performer appeared in stage shows throughout his adolescence and adulthood, earning him a prestigious reputation.

Murray began doing voice work in the early 2000s, with his most well-known role being John Silver in Treasure Planet.

Murray passed away in 2018, leaving a legacy of powerful performances in his wake.

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Captain Amelia isn’t the main character in Treasure Planet, but she does play a key role in assisting Jim Hawkins in his quest for the elusive treasure.

Emma Thompson was a smash hit as Captain Amelia’s voice, the popular actress nailing the sassy role.

Thompson has been a staple in the entertainment industry for a long time…

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