Who dated Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset?


Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan of Selling Sunset dated who?

SELLING Sunset is back with a bang, and there’s even more drama this time around.

Season 4 of The Oppenheim Group revolves around a single storyline, as do most reality shows, this time involving Christine Quinn, the founder of The Oppenheim Group, and newcomer Emma Hernan.

As the fourth season of Selling Sunset began, it became clear that the two women have a history.

It was then revealed that they had previously been engaged to the same ex-boyfriend, who Christine claims was also her fiancée.

Despite the fact that their relationship overlap is the season’s driving force, the man in question is never named, so no one knows who he was.

Regrettably, they don’t say what year any of them were with him throughout the new series.

According to some internet detectives, the man is Gregory Kelleher, who is seen kissing Emma on her mother’s Instagram account.

This, however, occurred in 2014, and he is now married to another woman.

There is no solid evidence that points to him, and everything is just speculation.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Emma addressed her feud with Christine, saying, “I mean, with girls in general…if there’s a guy or their relationship involved, there’s going to be some feelings.”

“It will undoubtedly be captured on film.”

I stay true to myself and always try to take the high road in everything I do…just pay close attention to the facts.”

While Christine told Page Six that she isn’t bothered by Emma dating her ex-boyfriend any longer.

“It’s not something that I would actually care about,” she admitted, adding that she was “annoyed every single day” by the ex drama.

It turns out that Heather Young, another realtor, is also involved in the saga.

She also appears to have had a brief relationship with the mystery man.

Heather is currently engaged to her fiancée Tarek El Moussa, so it’s unclear when she did it.

Christine has a happy marriage to Christian Richard, whom she married in the year 2019.

After getting engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2018, the couple married on December 15, less than a year later.

Christian and Christine met while Christian was viewing Christine’s properties in Los Angeles.

After only a few months, they were engaged.

Christine revealed that she was moved to tears by Netflix’s portrayal of her special day.

The couple welcomed their first child in the year 2021.

Emma isn’t married, unlike Christine.

Emma confirmed to People in September 2021 that she is…

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Selling Sunset season 4 sees Christine Quinn once again involved in dramaNewbie Emma Hernan and Christine dated the same man

Selling Sunset season 4 sees Christine Quinn once again involved in dramaNewbie Emma Hernan and Christine dated the same man

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