Why Katt Williams is just as worried about Will Smith running for President as he is about Kanye West.


Why Katt Williams is just as worried about Will Smith running for President as he is about Kanye West.

Several celebrities have publicly expressed interest in running for office.

Will Smith, in particular, has made several references to a presidential run.

However, comedian Katt Williams is unlikely to be interested in seeing the campaign.

Will Smith, according to the comic, isn’t the president the country requires.

And his election would worry Williams as much as Kanye West running for office.

If asked, the outspoken comedian isn’t afraid to express his political views.

Williams addressed the issue once again in a resurfaced radio interview with 939 Jamz.

Williams brought up the possibility of Will Smith running for president this time.

While the Emmy winner isn’t opposed to Smith running for president, he is concerned about the star’s presence in the White House.

“I don’t want to belittle anyone’s efforts, and I certainly don’t want to be included in anyone’s efforts,” Williams said. “But I’d be just as concerned about Will Smith becoming president as I would be about Kanye or Donald Trump.”

“America is not to be trifled with.

You don’t get to run this country just because you’ve achieved success in one area.”

Williams went on to say that being president is not a typical job.

Williams doesn’t care who the candidate is because certain requirements must be met before running for office.

“It’s not even close to hitting a lick.”

“It’s leading the world’s greatest nation,” Williams explained.

“That’s why, even if you’re a doctor, you should be aware of this.”

You still have to jump through the same hoops as the rest of us, Ben Carson.

Because this isn’t brain surgery at the end of the day.”

Will Smith has mentioned running for president on multiple occasions throughout his career.

But there was one year when the country’s political climate nearly forced his entry into politics.

Smith explained why he believed the country may have needed him at the time in a 2015 interview with CBS News.

“They’re going to force me into the political arena if they keep saying all the crazy things they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims,” he said.

Despite his success as an actor, Smith also felt he had bigger goals to achieve at the time.

It was the type of message he passed on to his children.

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