Will Poulter’s Thoughts on the Public’s Reaction to His Guardians of the Galaxy Transformation.


Will Poulter’s Thoughts on the Public’s Reaction to His Guardians of the Galaxy Transformation.

As one chapter of Will Poulter’s career comes to a close, another begins.

When the eighth and final episode of Hulu’s Dopesick premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 8, the 28-year-old actor’s time as Billy Cutler will officially come to an end.

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The gripping series’ viewers will see if the Purdue Pharma salesman takes a chance and assists in the investigation into the opioid epidemic’s cause.

Will, however, will not be forgotten by fans.

As he transitions into his role as Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy, they can expect even more screen time from the Brit.

Will discussed the project in an exclusive interview with E! News, describing it as a welcome “challenge” after playing some heavy and emotional roles in recent years, including Dopesick.

“To be completely honest with you, I struggled with my mental health throughout the pandemic,” Will admitted, adding that the cast and director Danny Armstrong were “very empathetic” about his situation.

“For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Will said he used the time off after filming on the show to spend quality time with his family and focus on his mental and physical health, two things he believes go hand-in-hand.

“As a means of improving your mental health, I am a big proponent of physical exercise and the natural endorphins that come from doing that,” he explained.

During this time, he began his transformation into Adam Warlock, a casting announcement that sent Marvel fans wild.

“Holy moly,” one Twitter user exclaimed at the time.

It is correct.

“Will Poulter has been jacked,” says the narrator.

Will, on the other hand, said he worked up to his chiseled looks gradually, explaining that he wanted to get in shape “in a responsible way while not neglecting my mental health along the way.”

The results and tweets speak for themselves, but Will admitted that reading social media posts, whether positive or negative, can be “overwhelming.”

As a result, he says, “I try to maintain a kind of healthy and regulated distance from social media, because you’re often exposed to the opinions of people you don’t know on social media.”

Will says he tries not to base his own “value” on the opinions of strangers, but it’s difficult to do so when he wants to do justice to a character who is beloved by the Marvel fandom….

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