With her appearance on ‘Ellen,’ Meghan Markle appeared ‘fame-hungry,’ according to a royal author.


Meghan Markle’s appearance on ‘Ellen’ made her appear ‘fame-hungry,’ according to a royal author.

Meghan Markle’s recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show elicited a variety of responses.

Despite the fact that the Duchess of Sussex did not spill any secrets like she did in the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, some viewers were critical of her appearance on television.

Meghan came across as “fame-hungry” after sitting down with DeGeneres, according to a royal author.

Some people have accused Meghan of chasing fame since she began dating Prince Harry.

Her background as a Hollywood actor may have contributed to some of the criticism.

Lady Colin Campbell, for example, described Meghan as someone who “always wanted to be a star” in her book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, and some questioned whether Meghan was cut out for the royal family given that she would not be number one in the monarchy’s pecking order.

Meghan and Harry were accused of wanting money and attention even after they stepped down as senior royals and relocated to California.

Expert Says Meghan Markle Created ‘Drama’ With Royals When She Mentioned Princess Eugenie on ‘Ellen,’

Meghan has also been accused of appearing on Ellen for the sake of “fame,” as she conducted an interview with DeGeneres and pranked bystanders by performing silly acts.

According to Fox News, royal author Anna Pasternak said, “Meghan Markle’s preeningly self-satisfied appearance on Ellen embarrassed the royal family and she embarrassed herself.”

“Despite her rejection of the British monarchy, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is described on-screen as Meghan.

This is most likely done to increase her popularity in North America.”

Meghan was compared to Wallis Simpson, the late wife of Edward VIII, by Pasternak, who has written a book about her. Both Meghan and Wallis were American divorcees who married royal men and returned to America.

Wallis, on the other hand, was more “dignified” in her post-royal life, according to Pasternak.

Meghan’s cringing appearance on Ellen was the polar opposite of dignified, according to Pasternak.

“I have no idea what purpose it served, other than to make her look even more fame-hungry than before.”

As this jaw-droppingly awful, tasteless interview attests, she never did understand the difference between celebrity and royalty.”

Despite her controversial year, Meghan Markle is the most-Googled royal.

Meghan and Harry have given serious interviews about mental health and how being a royal has negatively affected them since “Sussexit.”

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