With her archery skills, Jessica Biel once destroyed a $300,000 camera on the set of ‘Blade Trinity.’


Jessica Biel once used her archery skills to destroy a (dollar)300,000 camera on the set of ‘Blade Trinity.’

On the set of Blade Trinity, Jessica Biel might have gotten a little too good with a bow and arrow.

Biel appeared in the third installment of Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy as a vampire hunter armed with a bow and arrow.

However, the actress became so skilled at archery that she accidentally damaged a camera worth over (dollar)300,000 with a perfect shot from her bow and arrow.

Biel initially wanted to bulk up for the role in order to do it justice.

In an interview with Superhero Hype, Biel stated, “If I was going to play a female action star, I wanted to look like one and perform like one.”

“I needed to bulk up because my character couldn’t be skin and bones.”

I want people to believe that I can lift a man and kick him around a room.

For me, it’ll be a completely different look.”

Biel trained nearly every day to match the physicality of her Blade character in order to achieve this.

“Heavy weightlifting for bulk, yes.”

To bulk up at first, then once I reached a certain size, it was more of a maintaining and lots of cardio to lean as much as we could down,” Biel told Movieweb.

“That’s why my muscles have striations down the length of them.”

Work on the construction, then the maintenance, and finally the leaning out as much as possible.”

Biel believed that she needed to master archery in order to further her character.

However, the 7th Heaven alum was a little too skilled with a bow and arrow.

So much so that the Sinner star’s newfound abilities resulted in her destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

Biel told Movieweb that she would spend six days practicing her archery skills for an hour each day.

But, in more ways than one, the training paid off.

According to Reddit, the actor got so good at archery that she hit a camera lens perfectly in an action scene.

In a behind-the-scenes look at Blade Trinity, director David S Goyer said, “We needed her to fire an arrow towards the camera.”

“To keep the crew and camera safe, we encased everything in plexiglass.”

The only part of the room that wasn’t walled off was a small 22 square directly in front of it…

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