Woman, 63, reveals secrets on how to keep looking young


Sara Wheater lives in London. She has two children, Indigo, 30, and Sienna, 28. She has been a life coach for more than 30 years.

Nine years ago, the father of my children left us — for a 23-year-old girl he’d met while working abroad. It was a shock but set me on a new path: I spent five years rediscovering my identity after 24 years in a relationship. I needed to be single for a while, but I’ve now met someone new.


After my separation, I tried Botox but I hated not being able to move my forehead. Instead, I get a facial every six weeks, with Una Brennan, a facialist based in Notting Hill (£110). It’s a deep cleanse, involving massage. I also use Biologique Recherche Crème Masque Vernix (biologique rechercheuk.co.uk). It’s a face mask that you don’t wash off and then layer with Biologique Crème au Collagene Marin to protect skin.

Once a fortnight, I visit a banya, a Russian spa in East London (gobanya.co.uk). It includes a hot steam, sauna then a dip in a cold pool, and a ‘parenie’ treatment, where they hit you with birch twigs to stimulate circulation. In between sessions, I bathe in sea salt twice a week, for 20 minutes. I buy 25kg in bulk on Amazon (£18.26). It’s brilliant for joint pain.

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for more than 40 years (vanclarke.com). Michael cuts my hair dry every eight weeks, which helps give it more movement. I also get it coloured twice a year. And I get a weekly blow-dry, which has made a huge difference to my confidence.

Another life change I’ve made is to only do what I love. This includes abandoning the gym. Instead, I do three Garuda Method classes a week (thegaruda.net). It’s a mix of Pilates, yoga and dance, using circular movements to centre your energies and build core strength. 


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