WWE 2K22 Unveils New Modes and Features


WWE 2K22 Unveils New Modes and Features

Today, 2K and Visual Concepts pulled back the curtain on WWE 2K22, giving us our first look at actual gameplay as well as revealing which features and modes are returning and which are brand new.

The WWE 2K Hit List revealed these new and returning features in WWE 2K22, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

The WWE 2K Showcase, Universe Mode, and the Creation Suite will all return in WWE 2K22, but there will also be several new modes, such as My GM, My Rise, and MyFaction, which you can learn more about in the rundown below.

MyFaction is a first for the franchise, allowing players to create their own factions and manage and upgrade them as they progress through weekly events.

MyRise, on the other hand, is a reimagined career mode in which you begin as a rookie and work your way up through the ranks.

MyGM introduces a new mode that allows you to manage brands, superstars, and more from the ground up.

The complete Hit List is available below.

• Redesigned Gameplay Engine: The engine itself has been redesigned in WWE 2K22.

Visual Concepts rebuilt the gameplay and animation engine from the ground up to make every dive, kickout, and finisher feel as authentic as if players were watching WrestleMania from ringside.

Players will notice a difference as soon as they pick up the controller;

• New Controls: This year, the control scheme has been updated and is incredibly intuitive.

WWE 2K22 is easy to pick up and play while still allowing for high-skill expression, as it is designed to give players more control over every move, in every situation.

• Stunning Graphics: Simply put, WWE 2K22 features the best graphics in the franchise’s history.

Scanning and animations are carried out in the same industry-leading manner as Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K franchise, and the team completely redesigned and relit the game.

• Immersive Presentation: The most dynamic entry in the series to date will take players out of the crowd and into the ring, giving the game an authentic WWE feel;

• New WWE 2K Showcase: Players can take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the most memorable matches and moments in WWE history;

• MyGM: Superstars will be selected in the draft,…

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WWE 2K22 Reveals New Features and Modes

WWE 2K22 Reveals New Features and Modes

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