WWE SuperCard Season 8 Unveils New Mode, Tiers, and Cards


WWE SuperCard Season 8 Unveils New Modes, Tiers, and Cards

WWE SuperCard is releasing a new season of content, which includes an all-new game mode to compete in.

The new Survivor mode pits players against up to 10 other live players in a winner-take-all tournament.

To add to the chaos, players trade one of their cards to their opponent at the start of each match.

But that’s not all: players will have access to three new card tiers, as well as new WWE superstars and upgrades.

Mire, Maelstrom, and Valhalla are the three new card tiers that will be unlocked as players progress through the tiers.

Rick Boogs, Afa and Sika, Julius and Brutus Creed, Mansoor, Molly Holly, and others will be included in the new tiers.

Season 8 will also bring a number of new features to the core game, such as the Champion’s Boost, Pack Battle rewards, and Manager Cards.

Champion’s Boost is a new stat modifier that will correspond to what happens in real life, as it will automatically boost a Superstar’s card after they win a WWE title.

That means Mandy Rose’s cards got a boost after she won the NXT Women’s Championship, and Big E’s cards got a boost after he won the WWE Championship by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Pack Battle reward is a weekly free pack that offers increased rewards based on the number of consecutive days you’ve logged into the game.

There is already a tiered login bonus reward system in place, but this boosts the incentive to keep logging in.

In terms of Manager Cards, decks can now use three support cards, two of which are single-use and one of which is a Manager card.

When a player begins a match with a Manager card equipped, the card’s effects are activated automatically.

Managers are just one of many Support cards in the game, but you can still only equip two of them.

You can now have a separate Manager card at all times.

WWE SuperCard can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices.

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WWE SuperCard Reveals New Mode, Tiers, and Cards for Season 8

WWE SuperCard Reveals New Mode, Tiers, and Cards for Season 8

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