You Can’t Ignore These 25 Scream Secrets


You Can’t Ignore These 25 Scream Secrets

On January 5, the fifth installment in the popular horror franchise will be released in theaters.

We’re revealing 25 behind-the-scenes secrets about the original Scream on October 14.

What is your favorite horror film?

It was the question that sparked a hit franchise in Scream, which ironically became the answer for millions of horror fans.

The fifth installment in the series has stabbed its way into theaters, ready to deliver more scares and self-referential humor, 25 years after the original.

Original cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette return to Woodsboro as a Ghostface mask-wearing killer terrorizes the town once more, joined by newcomers Melissa Barrera, Dylan Minnette, and Jenny Ortega. While original screenwriter Kevin Williamson returns as an executive producer, Scream 5 is the first film in the franchise not directed by master of horror Wes Craven, who died in 2015 at the age of 76 after a battle with braces.

In honor of the premiere of Scream 5, we’re revealing 25 behind-the-scenes details about the series, including the A-list actors who auditioned for the role of Sidney Prescott, the film’s original title, and who were almost fired during the first two weeks of filming.


While watching a 1994 episode of ABC News’ Turning Point about the serial killer known as the Gainesville Ripper, screenwriter Kevin Williamson got the idea for the film.

Williamson was house-sitting at the time and was startled when he noticed a window that he thought he had closed was open.

2. The script sparked a Hollywood bidding war, with Dimension winning the film.

However, finding a director proved to be a difficult task, and horror legend Wes Craven eventually agreed to join the project after initially declining.

Williamson told The Ringer, “Every name you could imagine came up [to direct].”

“It was Wes’s name that came up first.

The name Robert Rodriguez came up.

“The name Quentin Tarantino came up.”

Craven’s then-assistant Julie Plec, who would go on to co-create The Vampire Diaries and other TV shows, was ultimately instrumental in persuading him to return to the genre after his film New Nightmare bombed at the box office.

“I was… at the time…”

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