‘You’: Compared to Love, how many people has Joe killed?


In comparison to Love, how many people has Joe killed?

You is one of the most popular television shows in recent years.

The psychological crime drama series premiered in September 2018 on Lifetime and quickly gained a large fan base.

After a while, the show was moved to Netflix, where it grew in popularity.

With the news that the show has been renewed for a fourth season, more people than ever are discovering You and immersing themselves in the twisted world that the show depicts.

Many fans, in particular, are curious as to how many people Joe Goldberg has killed over the course of the last three seasons.

*Warning*: There will be spoilers for Season 3 of You.

Joe Goldberg is first introduced to viewers as a bookstore manager and serial killer who develops an obsession with Guinevere Beck, a young woman.

Joe was already killing people in the first season of You.

“With each new act of violence, [Love] becomes more detached, and nothing is her fault.” (hashtag)YOUSEASON3https://t.coRyQbX9mUOu

Benji, Guinevere’s former boyfriend, was the first major death attributed to Joe.

Joe lures Benji to his library basement trap, where he holds him for several days before killing him and burning his body in the woods.

Peach Salinger, Guinevere’s friend, was Joe’s second victim.

When she became overly curious about Joe’s background, Joe shot her and staged her death as a suicide.

Joe killed Elijah Thornton in a rage, pushing him off a building, according to a Season 1 flashback.

Joe is also responsible for the deaths of Ron and Guinevere, the object of his obsession, in the first season, stabbing him in the neck and finally murdering him.

Joe kills Jasper and Henderson Bunter in the second season of You.

The show’s second season also includes a new flashback, this time depicting how a much younger Joe murdered his mother’s abuser.

Joe kills Ryan Goodwin, the ex-boyfriend of one of his obsessions, in season three.

Joe finally kills his wife, Love, at the end of the season.

Joe has killed a total of ten people by the end of Season 3, according to Newsweek.

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