You’ll fall in love with George Clooney even more after hearing him talk about his life with Amal and their kids.


You’ll fall in love with George Clooney even more after hearing him speak about his life with Amal and their children.

George Clooney has found happiness in his home.

During the November issue of People magazine, the 60-year-old actor discussed his marriage to Amal Clooney, his wife of seven years, and their four-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

Marc Maron says he “couldn’t be happier” at home in the 15th episode of his WTF With Marc Maron podcast.

George’s entire perspective, including his thoughts on fatherhood, shifted when he met Amal, 43, despite the fact that he was once Hollywood’s most notorious bachelor.

George described Amal as “the most extraordinary, smart, brilliant, beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” adding that the initial spark he felt for her “was nothing I’ve ever experienced before, by far.”

“Listen, I didn’t want to get married, and I certainly didn’t want to have children.”

“And then this extraordinary human being walked into my life, and I fell madly in love,” he explained to host Marc Maron.

“And I knew everything was going to be different the moment I met her.”

“I met a lot of really nice, intelligent, and talented people.”

It’s just that every now and then, there’s someone who’s just for you,” he explained.

“I have a feeling I’m Amal, and I’m feeling that way.”

After dating for less than a year, George and Amal married in 2014.

While the couple “never discussed getting married” prior to their engagement, George explained that when it came to starting a family, they took a different approach.

George recalled the moment the two decided to start trying for a child as “a discussion.”

“We’d been married for about a year when we went to a friend’s house and they had a loud, obnoxious kid, and I was like, ‘Oh s–t!'”

The couple had stepped outside for some quiet time when Amal remarked that they were “awfully lucky in life,” according to the two-time Oscar winner.

“And I told her, ‘Yeah, we’re lucky we found each other,'” George recalled telling her.

“‘It seems like that luck should be shared with some other folks,’ she said.”

“I thought about it for maybe a minute,” he continued, admitting that neither of them had “made a decision” about having children at the time.

“Then I just said, ‘Well, if you’re in, I’m in.'”

Despite agreeing to start trying for a baby after an “emotional” conversation, George did not expect Amal to become pregnant with twins.

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