Young Boy Don’t Be A Youtuber If Not Able To


Sule (Sources: Capture Youtube Initalkshaw)

KOMPASTV – in Addition to being a comedian is successful, Sule is now also transformed into a Youtuber accomplished with more than 4.7 million subscribers.

Not only through television, comedian Sule later reap the coffers of the abundant of his new profession as a YouTuber.

It is undeniable, becoming a YouTuber is a new profession which is interesting and tempting.

However, Sule don’t just encourage young children to choose a YouTuber as the main goal in a career.

This was disclosed Sule while answering the questions Boy William via YouTube that uploaded on Thursday (19/6/2020) yesterday.

“Lu nganjurin not for children today, a YouTuber it’s a new profession,” asked the Boy William as the quote Grid.ID.

“Yes, if they are able to, I anjurin. But if they’re not able to, do so if according to caves,” answered Sule.



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