You’ve been curling your hair incorrectly – a beauty expert explains how to keep the curls in place.


You’ve been curling your hair incorrectly – a beauty expert reveals how to keep the curls in place.

A BEAUTY expert has spilled the beans on how to achieve long-lasting curls.

She claims to have been using her system since middle school and that it even works on super long hair.

Kelsey Griffin, a beauty expert, revealed that hairspray isn’t the secret to keeping curls in place, but rather another hair styling item.

“People just assume to use hairspray or refuse to use hairspray because they think that’s what causes the curl to fall out, but we’re going to use a mousse, people!” she exclaimed in a TikTok step-by-step video.

Applying mousse to dry hair is the first step toward achieving long-lasting curls.

“You’ll put a big glob of mousse in your dry hair,” says the stylist.

She said, “Just apply it and work it through.”

“Then all you have to do is brush it through so it coats all of your hair.”

While your hair will probably “look and feel gross,” she claims that once the mousse is evenly brushed through your hair and it dries, it will feel normal again.

Kelsey boasted, “Now when you curl your hair, I swear your curls will last like three days.”

“Girl, if this works, I’m gonna freak out,” one of her fans said.

Others praised TikToker’s hairstyle.

“As someone with pin-straight Asian hair… this works,” gushed one enthusiastic user.

“This is something I used to do for pageants and still do when I curl my hair for events.”

A second supporter claimed that the only way to ruin the curls is to set them on fire.

TikTokers have shared a number of hair styling tips.

People with straight hair should brush it no more than four times a day to avoid damage, according to one woman.

She also advised that people wear their hair in a “protective hairstyle” while sleeping.

One way to protect hair ends, according to the expert, is to apply leave-in conditioner or argan oil to them.

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Kelsey Griffin shared her best tip for creating curls that stay in your hairHer hack doesn't use hairsprayKelsey said she has shared her tip with several people in her life and they all approve

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